In 1986 I started ESB to produce better quality horses for equestrian sports, initially for myself to ride and compete and then eventually for others. This goal has been achieved with more than 300 ESB horses produced around the world achieving great things. It is incredibly rewarding and satisfying to know that this endeavour is giving joy to so many people and I appreciate the constant feedback and endorsement from ESB owners, thank you for making it all worthwhile.

The ESB journey has taught me so much … about life, people and horses. I seem to spend a lot of time sharing this with people and have been encouraged many times to document my experiences so that it is more accessible in the hope that it may help horse breeders and owners to benefit from my mistakes, lessons, techniques and discoveries.

I am happy to offer assistance to individuals and groups. I can come to you or you're welcome to visit Euroa Horse Park, otherwise I offer a consultancy service over the phone and as I develop this site, my goal is to make more available online.

You may just need some one off advice about something specific or you may need ongoing support as you work through a pregnancy or an injury for example. 

Please feel free to contact me on 0417 363 710

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About Us

The great thing about life, is that we never stop learning! We are keen to explore the opportunities for reaching people remotely via the various online platforms and social media as well as using the mobile phone features such as Facetime to answer your questions.

We are researching the best options and would welcome your feedback or suggestions. Please feel free to text or call Ness on 0417 363 710. You can email vanessa@esbeducation.com if you'd prefer.

In the meantime, if you would like to know more about us and our experience, please just CLICK HERE.

Below is an article which was published in the Equestrian News and Lifestyle magazine, July 2018